Saturday, June 18, 2011

Me on an every day look

Im a mom of 2 wonderful kids. Im a full time mommy, full time wife. I keep things very simple when I dont have any "real" plans. If im not going out with my husband for dinner, or a date night with him or friends, I dont do much to my hair or outfit. I live in sweats,yoga pants, t-shirts, hoodies. I dress up for the nights out of course :) but when taking care of a 1 yr old who spills everything and when making breakfast,lunch,dinner, and doing gardening I just perfer to be dressed down. However my makeup always is done nice and pretty! Im a girly girl so its the one thing I do everyday.
Here is my basic look. Pulled back hair, pretty makeup :)

Sunglass- target
revlon colorstay foundation- early tan
covergirl lipgloss-wetslicks patently pink # 340
revlon colorstay liquid eye liner- blackest black
maybelline mascara- glam black colossal volum' express
revlon eyeshadow- pallet 09 sterling rose. Has a neutral shimmer color, pink, light grey,and black color.
maybelline expert wear eye pencil in dark brown
blistex lipbalm

then I always use eye drops in my eyes in the morning, my eyes tend to get red very fast.


D.Sadie said...

Beautiful! =) Haha, and I'm the same way I love sweats pants shirts, etc. I'm a full time wife/and mother too.


Pink Glam said...

Thanks hun :) your beautiful as well! Love your blog!

Aleksandra said...

beautiful smile :)

TheeFknGoddess said...

pretty! :)

Pink Glam said...

thank you very much ladies :)

*!MakeupbyHannah!* said...

Its so funny, I seen this and thought, this is exactly how I do my makeup everyday, then I looked at what you used and I use most of them.
So pretty x

Pink Glam said...

Thank you Hannah :) I love to wear makeup but my everyday look is toned down, but still very pretty and girly :)